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I am looking for an investor, my own house is nearly finished.

Licensed project

The bloc I want to sell has 11 are 30 ca with a license to build 1 villa with 3 levels.
The contractor can start with the works. There are possibilities to make choices concerning materials and finishing. You are saving a lot of time and efforts because plans are ready to go. Definitive plans have to be ready in the next months, before September 2021.

Own wishes

You can still change the plans. As long as the construction has not started there are several possibilities. You can have the groundplan of the house. License demand is running.

Green zone

Since October 1th 2020 we are in the green zone. This means that no one can come and built in the fore-lying area. So your view stays untouched as it is now. Plans are available as well as the license to construct and other information you would ask for.


The house is designed to have acces by the inside and outside stairs. It has two levels with 2 rooms en suite each. All rooms have terraces and ocean view. The lower level is parking, storage and pool with garden.



Mail of bel 0476/273733

Southern sun

The streetside, frontside of the house are oriented to the east zo that meanly in the morning and the evening the sun is shining into the houses. The big terrace makes a pool to one of the good solutions to see the sun go under.

Garden & View

At the south you are looking over a green zone with agriculture land and natural vegetation. At the seaside you have a garden and a terrace of 100 m² at the ground level with view on the protected wood in front of the Ocean. The ground level has the living room, the kitchen, 2 rooms with own bathrooms.

The upper level has 2 beautiful suites with own terrace. The total is 103 m² for the rooms and 88 m² for the terrace.
The lower level has the parking for 5 cars and a swimming pool can be installed here.

Parking & common area

Parking space

The 5 parking spaces are lockated in the shadow under the house.

Storage room

The house has a private storage room, the technical room and washing room are at the parking level as well as the pool and garden


The access is suitable for persons with fysical limitations, as the portugese law prescribes. As well sunboilers are mandatory per house.


The ground with building permission for a single family house is for sale. The cadastral charges are due by the owner, are not know yet, but those are cheap.

It is permitted to buy with different investors if you want to stay alternately or in case you want to rent out. Information about costs, the way a property act is made, the costs of electricity/water/internet are available.

Localisations, follow the link.