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Welcome, your second home

You want to spend your holiday in Portugal or do you want an investment ?

On this website you will find information concerning my project, I want to give you more information if you don't find what your are looking for. In case you like the Lisbon region and want a place under the sun nearby, follow this link.

I look forward to your reaction, your comments and your wishes.

Beatrice Godts


Life in the south

It has been a while that I dreamed about a future in a warmer country,now I am nearly at the realisation of it. I prefered Portugal not only for it's climate but also for the portugese hospitality. My house is nearly finished and I want to share this with interested people. I am opening a part of my villa to rent, so you can enjoy the living in the southern culture.

For the 3 extra villa's the plans are aproved and the building permit is in order. So ready to start the works. I am looking for a co-investor. More information on Sales.

Professional credit advice

You can have a dream to invest, but how are you going to organize this dream practically ? My profession is financial planner and I am used to help people. During my project I learned a lot about the way to invest in Portugal and I can offer you my services, also for other projects.

If you want to know more about my way of working have a look at I can send you a flyer about investing in Portugal.

Please contact me for further information.